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Maintenance of worn parts determines the life of vertical roller mill

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-07-15 17:29

In order to make the service life of vertical roller mill longer, the maintenance of its parts and components should be very careful. Shuguang Heavy Machinery invites technical departments to give answers on how to maintain the vertical roller mill better and make the service life of vertical roller mill longer.
1.Select suitable materials. Different materials have different degrees of wear on roller, disc and liner of slag vertical roller mill. There are many impurities and high hardness of materials, which have great influence on wear of wear-resistant parts. When the moisture content of materials increases, the wear of wear-resistant spare parts will increase obviously, so it is necessary to select suitable materials.
2. Ensure uniform feeding. According to the proper size of raw material, the diameter of harder material is usually less than 3 centimeters.
3. Forbidden to put metal blocks into the frame of vertical roller mill. If necessary, iron remover can be installed before raw materials are grinded to avoid metal falling into the vertical roller mill and damaging the relevant spare parts.
4. Replace the worn parts in time. During maintenance and repair, the movable housing can be opened and the vulnerable parts can be replaced in time. Before driving, the spindle must be turned around to check whether there is abnormal sound in the machine, and the problems should be dealt with in time, so that the equipment can not run with diseases.
5. Maintenance and inspection of rolling bearings in roll sleeves. Especially when changing the grinding roll, it is necessary to clean the rolling bearings in the roll sleeve and replace the damaged parts in time.
When choosing and purchasing various kinds of equipment in the market, users should choose large-scale manufacturers with higher comprehensive level to purchase, mainly because large-scale manufacturers have certain influence in the market, and have leading production technology, and the selection of raw materials is more stringent, so as to provide users with. The equipment has excellent performance and strong stability, and has quality assurance for the equipment. Moreover, after-sales service provided by manufacturers with higher comprehensive level can solve the difficult problems in user's operation in time and effectively, reduce the downtime of equipment and create higher value for users.

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