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Effect of Wind Speed and Volume on Vertical Roller Mill

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-07-16 16:05

The person who has operated the vertical roller mill equipment should know that in order to control the production situation of the vertical roller mill, it is necessary to control its air flow and wind speed. These two are very important. Next, Shuguang Heavy Machinery will analyze the influence of wind speed and air flow on the vertical roller mill equipment.
I. The Effect of Wind Speed on Vertical Roller Mill
The wind speed of vertical roller mill is generally controlled at 40-80 m/s. On the one hand, the wind speed controls the size of falling particles, on the other hand, the circulation and bed thickness. Reasonable wind speed can form a good internal circulation for material classification, which can make the upper layer thickness of grinding disc appropriate and grinding efficiency high.
2. Air volume and output should be matched
When the wind ring area has been determined, the wind speed is determined by the wind volume. The matching of air volume and output is beneficial to the relative stability of the vertical roller mill load, such as large feed volume, large air volume, small feed volume and reduced air volume, so as to stabilize the operation of the mill.
If the material is strong and the wind is small, the circulation will increase, the pressure difference in the mill will rise, and the vibration will be caused.
If the material is small and windy, the pressure difference will decrease, and the material layer of the grinding disc is too thin, which will also affect the normal operation of the equipment.
In principle, the ventilation rate chosen by the operator should be more conducive to maintaining the relative stability of the vertical roller mill load, and strive for less vibration, less slag discharge, higher output and better quality.
3. Adjust the air volume and demeanor in time to avoid vibration and other faults.
Normally, the whole system works steadily, and the trend charts show steadiness. Once one of the variables changes, it will soon affect the changes of other variables.  At this time, corresponding adjustments should be made in time, otherwise the vibration of vertical roller mill may stop.
Some vibration stops are caused by negligence or lack of experience, such as not reducing air when reducing material, not adding air when feeding material, etc., which may cause abnormal changes in pressure difference and make the vertical roller mill out of control vibration stops.
4. How to Control the Wind and Air Volume of Vertical Roller Mill by Operators
In practice, the operator understands the operation of vertical roller mill according to the trend chart of fan speed, current, differential pressure, feed volume, import and export negative pressure, temperature and other variables, and adjusts the operation of vertical roller mill in combination with vibration, slag discharge and product quality, generally by adjusting the speed of circulating fan and the opening of valve to achieve the ideal selection of ventilation.
The material of vertical roller mill mainly depends on air flow to blow and circulate. Therefore, we must control the style and air flow well, so that the vertical roller mill can be produced reasonably and orderly.

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