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Application of Vertical Roller Mill in Various Industries

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-07-18 17:15

Vertical roller mill equipment is widely used in various industries because of its superior performance, especially in cement, steel, electric power and non-metal industries. So, what role does vertical roller mill play in these industries?
1. Steel and Electric Power Industry
The application of vertical roller mill in iron and steel and power industry is to grind pulverized coal, to provide fuel for blast furnace and power plant boiler, and to grind limestone powder to provide desulfurizer for power plant boiler flue gas desulfurization. The products grinded by vertical roller mill can improve the combustion efficiency of coal and the desulfurization effect of boiler flue gas.
2. Cement Industry
Vertical roller mill is mainly used for grinding raw cement, coal powder, grinding ore powder and clinker in cement production. It fully embodies the function of vertical roller mill in fine grinding, drying, grinding and flour separation. At the same time, its advantages of low power consumption and strong drying ability are also vivid. Vertical rolller mill has been serialized and standardized in cement production. Single raw material vertical roller mill can meet the requirements of 6000 t/d capacity cement production line. The single vertical coal mill can meet the requirement of 10 000 t/d cement production line.
3. Non-metallic Industry
There are many kinds of non-metallic ores, such as pyrophyllite, kaolin, bicalcium, bentonite, gypsum, quartz sand, etc. The characteristics of raw materials vary greatly. The characteristics of deep-processed products are that they require high fineness of products. Generally, 97% of them pass through 1250-325 meshes (10-44 um).
Compared with Raymond mill, the single mill capacity of vertical roller mill can be increased by more than 10 times to meet the needs of large-scale industrial production of non-metallic ores. At the same time, the unit product can be reduced and equipment consumption is reduced by more than 40% compared with Raymond grinding system.
The excellent performance of vertical roller mill makes it a leader in the industry. In the future, vertical roller mill will surely achieve good results in the development of heavy industry.

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