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Complete Operation Technology of Limestone Vertical Roller Mill

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-07-22 17:10

Limestone vertical roller mill is suitable for raw meal, clinker, granulated blast furnace slag, iron ore, limestone, coal powder, coke powder,fly ash, gypsum, calcite,quartz, clay, sandstone, bauxite, silica fume, calcined rice husk and other materials processing.
Limestone vertical roller mill can be conveyed by hoist conveying and pneumatic conveying, which are simple, convenient and easy to operate and control. The whole process flow is simple, the output of single machine is large, the sealing performance is good, the negative pressure operation is dust-free, the product quality control is fast, and the product replacement is flexible. The limestone vertical roller mill system produced by Shuguang Heavy Machinery adopts advanced PLC automatic control system, which can realize intelligent and automatic control.
Introduction of operation technology of limestone vertical roller mill:
The first step: limestone is fed into the silo from the stone heap, screened through the belt conveyor into the vibrating screen, qualified stone is metered into the weighing hopper, and then evenly fed into the limestone vertical roller mill.
The second step: limestone material is sent to the vertical roller mill for grinding, and the air supply system is activated. After grinding, limestone powder is blown up by the wind and classified by the separator. The wind can also play a role in combustion-supporting of calcined lime, accelerate the cooling of finished lime, reduce the heat exchange process of lime out of kiln, and achieve the effect of reducing consumption.
The third step: Limestone powder enters the separator powder machine, and fineness of limestone powder enters the cyclone collector with air flow through the pipeline for separation and collection. The collected limestone powder products are fed into the silo by the conveying device for desulfurization. The unqualified particles are thrown to the cylinder wall after being separated by the separator and then returned to the mill for grinding after falling along the cylinder wall.
The fourth step: The whole process of limestone vertical grinding is carried out under sealed negative pressure, and dust removal equipment is selected to collect dust, which ensures the environmental protection of the dust bottom noise of the whole process.

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