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What are the core components of the vertical roller mill

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For the vertical roller mill, the roller grinding ring is one of its important configurations, which is also an important part of crushing materials. The different configurations make the grinding power different, so the profits for customers in production are different. Of course, for the same type of roller mill, in production, the roller grinding ring. The performance is not unchanged. With the production going on, both of them will be worn and the performance will decrease, so the benefit for production will decrease. At this time, it is necessary to repair or maintain the damaged roller grinding ring in time to ensure its normal performance, so as to ensure the installation. Benefits of production preparation;
Fan is another configuration inside the roller mill. Fan is an important accessory which affects the output and fineness of finished products. Therefore, in production, what kind of fan to choose and how to maintain the fan determines the production results, especially for the wear and tear of the fan blade, which needs to be handled in time, and the blade table. Cleaning the powder particles attached to the surface, checking the cleanliness of the blade in daily operation and cleaning the powder on the blade in time are all important conditions to ensure the normal operation of the fan.
Thirdly, the internal configuration of the vertical roller mill also has the flour collector. If the sealing of the flour collector has problems, there will be air leakage, which will lead to the backdraft of finished materials, the failure of normal collection, and also affect the efficiency of production. At this time, the treatment method is to check the sealing of the flour collector as a whole. And make appropriate adjustments to increase the amount of powder collected by the flour collector.
In addition, the motor, analyzer and bearing of the vertical roller mill are also important configurations, which have an important impact on the production process. It is necessary to select according to specific production requirements and pay attention to its maintenance in production, so as to ensure the smooth production and bring good production benefits to customers.

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