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Vertical mill can process materials to 300-3000 mesh

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-08-01 17:14

Nowadays, there are many kinds of grinders. It is a very common industrial project to grind ore into powder. The fineness of materials and products processed by different grinders is also different. According to the grinding conditions of different grinders, Shuguang has worked hard to develop various types and models of grinding equipment. To provide user selection. After a long period of market research, customers generally require about 300 meshes of powder, which can be processed with a general grinder.
Vertical mill can be used to process more than 1000 meshes of materials. For processing about 1000 meshes of ore materials, Shuguang recommends using a new type of vertical mill for grinding and production. It is mainly suitable for high fineness ore materials. Vertical mill is based on years of production and has absorbed advanced foreign products. Fineness classification technology, according to the fluid mechanics developed by the ultra-fine powder machine processing equipment.
Vertical mill can be used to process superfine powder of more than 500 kinds of materials. The fineness of grinding materials can reach 3500 meshes. Processing 1500 meshes of ore powder is very simple. Vertical mill can process ore materials into finished materials of different fineness. The fineness of finished products of 325-3000 meshes can be easily achieved if you want. To process other fineness of finished materials, Shuguang's other types of grinding equipment can achieve the desired fineness.

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