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How to Increase the Output of Vertical Roller Mill in Production

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-08-08 16:09

As a common grinding equipment in powder industry, the production efficiency of vertical roller mill has attracted many people's attention. How can we improve the output of vertical roller mill? Only by improving the overall performance of vertical roller mill can we improve the output, so how can we improve the performance of vertical roller mill? 
Firstly, the factors of feed size of vertical roller mill are analyzed. The grain size of feed has a great influence on the output, quality and power consumption of the grinder. It is easy to grind if the grain size is small and the feed is uniform. The output and quality of the mill are high, and the power consumption is low. On the contrary, it is difficult to grind if the grain size is large and the feed is uneven. The output and quality of the mill are low and the power consumption is large. Therefore, the smaller the grinding particle size, the more favorable to improve the mill output and quality indicators. However, the reduction of grinding material size will be limited by equipment conditions.
Secondly, the solution to the water content of materials in the process of vertical roller mill. The moisture content of the grinding material has a great influence on the output, quality and operation of the mill. Whenvertical roller mill grinding materials, the temperature in the simplex body is relatively high. If the moisture content of the grinding materials is too high, a lot of water vapor will be generated, which will increase the moisture content of the gas in the grinding process. Therefore, fine particles will stick to the grinding body and lining board to form a "material pad", which will significantly reduce the grinding efficiency. In serious cases, the partition board and the discharge grate will be reduced. The hole of the plate is blocked, which prevents the material from passing through, resulting in saturated wear. It may even cause a strong "grinding inner ring" and be forced to stop grinding and clean up.
The moisture content of grinding material must be strictly controlled, but the material is too dry and the flow speed is accelerated in the grinding process, which will cause roughness and affect the product quality. Keeping a small amount of moisture in the material can take away part of the heat when it vaporizes in the mill, which is good for reducing the grinding temperature and improving the grinding efficiency. 

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