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Introduction of Six Advantages of Ball Mill

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-08-16 17:23

Because ball mill is the key equipment for crushing materials in the market, and its requirements are becoming stricter and stricter. It not only requires advanced technology, wear-resistant materials, but also has its own product advantages. Here, take the ball mill of Shuguang Heavy Machinery Enterprise as an example to introduce its six advantages.
1. Less wear of liner
The lining plate of ball mill designed by Shuguang Heavy Machinery is treated by advanced double medium quenching process, which makes the lining plate withstand tremendous impact in production, keeps the surface shape of the lining plate for a long time in work, and reduces the deformation and wear of the lining plate.
2. Reliable operation
The modified gear used in the structure of Shuguang Heavy Machinery Ball Mill can reduce the sliding speed of meshing and the sliding ratio, thus improving the wear resistance and gluing resistance of gears, improving the hydrodynamic performance and lubrication state of gear transmission, and improving the reliability of the operation of the ball mill.
3. Wide range of applications
Compared with the high manganese steel liner in the market, the liner of the medium alloy double medium quenching medium alloy ball mill shows a very high cost performance ratio. Therefore, the ball mill is widely used in the fields of wet, dry and mixed grinding of various mines and rocks.
4. Long service life of bearings
The diameter of the hollow shaft in the rolling bearing part of the ball mill is widened, which enlarges the radial distance between the rolling bearing and the screw barrel of the feeding and discharging materials, plays a certain role of heat insulation and cooling, and prolongs the service life of the bearing.
5. High bending strength of gears
The use of modified gears in ball mill fittings of Shuguang Heavy Machinery can eliminate the undercutting phenomenon, strengthen the gear with weak bending strength, and increase the bending strength of gear teeth more than twice.
6. Low loss rate of components
In the later stage of lubrication, the ball mill of Shuguang Heavy Machinery adopts thin oil lubrication instead of grease lubrication to prevent poor lubrication due to lack of oil, which reduces the friction coefficient of bearing and other components to a very low level and greatly reduces the wear rate of components.
Different ball mill manufacturers have different technology, strength and design, which makes the ball mill have different product advantages of each manufacturer, and the price has changed to a certain extent.

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