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How to save energy for new energy-saving ball mill

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Ball mill is the most widely used grinding equipment in concentrator. It is also the equipment with the largest installed power and the largest power consumption in the whole beneficiation operation. Generally speaking, the energy consumption of grinding operation accounts for 50% to 70% of the total energy consumption of mineral processing. The total energy consumption of a concentrator depends directly on the consumption of the ball mill used. Therefore, reducing the energy consumption of ball mill and developing efficient and energy-saving ball mill are the primary tasks to reduce the energy consumption of mineral processing production.
Researches on new energy-saving ball mills are emerging one after another. At present, there are many types of energy-saving ball mills. For large and medium-sized ball mills, there is little change in structure, mainly using some advanced technologies at home and abroad, such as hydrostatic lubricated bearings, pneumatic clutch, etc. Compared with traditional sliding bearings, the friction is smaller, the power loss is reduced, the starting conditions are improved, and the operation efficiency is higher. For small and medium-sized ball mills, their structure has been improved. For example, the transmission mode adopts central transmission. The bearing used is changed from sliding to rolling bearing. The former reduces the installed power of the ball mill, while the latter reduces the useless power consumption in the grinding operation.
This kind of ball mill consumes less energy and has low price. It is suitable for medium and small concentrators. The main bearing of this kind of ball mill is roller bearing, bearing is double-row centripetal spherical type, friction resistance is small, resulting in low energy consumption. Compared with ordinary mill, there is a conical cylinder at the discharging end of the cylinder, which not only improves the processing capacity of the mill for ore, but also makes the distribution of grinding media reasonable. In the straight tube part, large steel balls are distributed, and in the end cone tube part, the closer to the discharge port, the smaller the steel balls are, so that all kinds of steel balls can be fully utilized and finer grinding products can be obtained. This kind of mill adopts a new type of ring groove lining plate to improve grinding process and reduce power consumption and steel consumption. Compared with the ordinary ball mill, the cone mill has better grinding performance. The effective volume of the mill is 13.6%~42.2%, and the installed power is 14.3%~40.5%.
Shuguang Heavy Machinery has experienced 26 years of development and growth. At present, the research and development of energy-saving ball mill and production technology have been very mature. Welcome to contact us for detailed information.
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