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Domestic garbage sorter can solve the problem of garbage

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-08-29 16:38

The innocuous disposal of domestic waste is a popular project which is of great benefit in the contemporary era. Domestic garbage is piled randomly, old garbage is rampant, incineration garbage is not thorough, construction garbage and domestic garbage are mixed together, and so on. There are endless projects on domestic garbage reprocessing and various treatment methods, but garbage reuse has little effect. How to make the domestic waste construction waste sorted reasonably and reused comprehensively is a thorny problem for environmentalists.
Household garbage innocuous treatment production line can be mixed by magnetic iron remover absorption and separation; large pieces of material can be used after automatic sorting and crushing by construction garbage sorter. It can be used to make sand from construction waste and bricks from road construction waste. Under the action of high-pressure airflow, flammable materials such as plastic bags, sawdust and paper towels are separated separately. After being cut and torn by shredder, the inorganic substances are directly dried by spiral dryer and separated. After extrusion, the inorganic substances can be made into granules, which can be used for building plates, packaging materials and fireworks. Combination cylinder and other products.
Dust was also sorted out for brickmaking and other projects. After the garbage is sorted, there are very few things left. First, these things take up little space to landfill again. They will not produce oxidation reaction, nor will they produce secondary pollution.
1. Composition of garbage: Municipal domestic garbage (excluding the huge garbage above 400 *400 mm).
2. Waste disposal capacity: 100-800t/d.
3. Feeding form: indirect feeding by loader. 
A. The equipment selection and structure design are reasonable, and the automation of garbage disposal is improved to reduce the worker's labor intensity. 
B. Material operation of the whole system requires smooth, uniform feeding, no blocking phenomenon; the connection mode of the equipment connection points requires reasonable, no leakage, no accumulation, smooth transportation. 
C. Each equipment is equipped with a leachate collection tank. Leachate discharge outlet is arranged at the tail of the collection tank, which is centralized by the civil pipeline network for collection and treatment. 
D. All structural parts are treated by shot peening and rust removal.

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