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Cement vertical roller mill maintenance and maintenance cycle

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-11-13 14:55

Cement vertical roller mill equipment will have such problems in normal use, so as long as you understand the problem of the vertical roller mill, and then solve it in all directions, the service life of the vertical roller mill equipment will be extended accordingly. , greatly extend the life cycle of the vertical roller mill and shorten the failure rate of the mill equipment.
The cement vertical roller mill equipment is used for maintenance and repair reasons, phenomena, required working hours, downtime, construction personnel and number of people, etc., and then statistical analysis, to determine the items to reduce maintenance operations, select the appropriate repair cycle and Check the cycle, select or revise the inspection items and inspection standards, improve the repair methods, estimate the working hours, and improve the operation methods. The inspection of the vertical roller mill equipment is divided into six types according to the period and method of the inspection, which are divided into daily inspection, periodic inspection, key inspection, total inspection, precision inspection and disassembly inspection.
1. The daily inspection is carried out by the post production workers for all the grinding machine equipment, and the inspection is continuously carried out within 24 hours. This kind of inspection accounts for 20% of the total inspection volume of the vertical roller mill equipment. The purpose is to find abnormalities through the five senses of the post-operating workers, eliminate glitch, and constantly maintain the maintenance of the vertical roller mill equipment to ensure the normal operation of the mill equipment.
2. Regular inspection is carried out by the inspectors with regular and detailed inspections of the key vertical roller mill equipment by means of sensory and simple instrumentation. This inspection is the core part of the inspection work and is more technical than the daily inspection. High difficulty. It is not only based on experience but also on the basis of instrumentation and trend management, technical diagnosis. The main purpose of the regular inspection is to determine the degree of deterioration of the performance of the vertical roller mill equipment, adjust the main parts, and maintain the performance of the specified mill equipment.
3. The key points check points that all the post workers are concentrated on the main mill equipment from time to time, and a thorough inspection is carried out on a vertical roller mill machine. This kind of inspection not only thoroughly checks the equipment of the mill, but also is a good supplement to the imperfections of the daily inspection of the post workers.
4. The general inspection refers to the inspection of the vertical roller mill equipment of different systems from time to time by the inspection personnel. Such as hydraulic system vertical roller mill equipment or all fasteners.
5. Precise inspection refers to the inspection of the key parts through the method of propensity management and the means of technical diagnosis. This kind of inspection is carried out by technicians and inspection instruments. The accuracy of the vertical roller mill equipment is carefully measured, analyzed, and the functions and precisions specified by the vertical roller mill equipment are maintained.
6. Disintegration inspection refers to the partial or complete disintegration of the main vertical roller mill equipment. The security inspectors cooperate with the full-time inspection personnel to conduct qualitative and quantitative inspections on the wear, fatigue and damage of each major component.
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