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Vertical roller mill complete equipment manufacturer

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-11-18 13:12

The vertical roller mill is mainly composed of a powder sorting machine, a grinding roller device, a grinding disc device, a pressurizing device, a speed reducer, a motor, a casing and the like. The separator is a high-efficiency and energy-saving powder sorting device. The grinding roller is a component used for crushing and crushing materials. The grinding disc is fixed on the output shaft of the reducer, which is the place where the grinding roller crushes the material, and the pressing device is A component that provides pressure to the grinding roll provides sufficient pressure to the grinding roll to comminute the material.
The vertical roller mill is based on the complete absorption of foreign vertical roller mills as a complete set of process technology, bold innovation, key research, and developed a new pre-grinding equipment. The system integrates fine crushing, grinding, powder collecting and conveying. Compared with the roller press, the grinding efficiency is high and the power consumption is low. The installed capacity of the system is lower than that of the roller press system, especially the annual maintenance cost is the roller press. More than 50% of the system has the advantages of simple process flow, small floor space, no dust pollution, low wear, low maintenance rate and reliable operation.
As a professional manufacturer of grinding mills, Shuguang Heavy Machinery sells a variety of different types of mill equipment, including ball mills, Raymond mills, vertical mills, etc.Welcome to  contact us for more details.
Factory Address: Longjiang West Road, Shangjie District, Zhengzhou City
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