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What are the more easily worn parts in the vertical roller mill

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-12-04 11:48

As a mechanical equipment, vertical roller mills have some failures during normal work and production, such as the wear of some vulnerable parts. In this way, the vulnerable parts are mainly in direct contact with the material during normal work, so the wear and tear is relatively high. Speaking faster, then which accessories are easy to wear when the Raymond machine is working? Next, a professional manufacturer will analyze it in detail for everyone.
First of all, we should understand the function and performance of the vertical roller mill. It achieves the production purpose by extruding and grinding the materials. During the production process, those parts that are directly in contact with the materials will wear faster. Large objects that assist in grinding will wear out more slowly, but they are collectively referred to as wearing parts.
The vertical roller mill is mainly used to shovel the material, and then extruded and ground by the high-speed rotation of the grinding roller and the grinding ring. The grinding roller is controlled by the hanging bearing room, so these are in direct contact with the material and are worn Quickly change more frequent accessories. The second is the grinding ring. The grinding roller is produced by extruding and grinding with the grinding ring, so the grinding ring is slightly slower than the previous parts. The grinding ring is fixed and stressed by the air duct, so the air duct is a vulnerable part that wears slowly.
In addition, the grinding rollers must be replaced to a certain extent, otherwise the inner roller core will be damaged and the service life of the roller core will be reduced. The other is the grinding ring. The grinding ring must be replaced after it wears to a certain degree. Don't think that it will be okay to work for a while. If the grinding ring is worn through, it will affect the air duct inside. My mother, it is not only laborious, but the price is several times that of the ring. It will be worth the money.
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