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How can we improve the working efficiency of the ball mill

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-12-11 16:16

Ball mill is mainly suitable for grinding and pulverizing industries. Nowadays, the raw materials of many items in our daily life at the beginning of production need to be processed by the ball mill. This also shows that the ball mill plays an important role in China's basic industry. . How can we improve the working efficiency of the ball mill? Today we invited professionals from Baichen Machinery to share with you.
1. Choosing the right ball mill equipment Everyone should understand that ball mills can be divided into many categories according to different uses. The functions of different types of ball mills are quite different in structure. To make the ball mills run stably and efficiently, you need to choose the correct Categories of ball mills.
2. Selection of supporting equipment The ball mill is used as a stand-alone equipment for grinding. The main job is to process the ore from a large mill to a small material level. Often, the ore production line includes many supporting equipment to operate together. The commonly used ore is first After the crushing process, the ball mill mechanism powder is added, and then the classification and beneficiation process is adopted. The output matching of the output of the previous crusher and the matching of the subsequent classifier will greatly affect the output of the entire production line.
3. Maintenance is very important In the use of large equipment such as ball mills, due to direct contact with the ore, the liner needs to be regularly inspected and replaced. Failure to replace it in time may damage the equipment barrel and reduce production problems; also There are other inspections such as motors, reducer gears, gear oils, bearings and bearing blocks for wear and oil circuit inspection. Once in the production process, the output decreases, abnormal noises, etc., you need to stop the inspection to find the source of the problem,
4. According to the operating regulations, when designing and manufacturing the ball mill, the manufacturer will inform the user of the load and time workload of the ball mill. These parameters are based on rigorous scientific calculations and involve many professional knowledge such as materials science and mechanics.


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