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What are the effects of wear of vertical roller mill liners on equipment

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-12-25 16:41

Vertical roller mill is a milling machine equipment used in the industry to process non-metallic ore. It has the advantages of simple production technology and small building area. Compared with traditional mills, it can save more than 70% of the floor space. The power consumption is also 30% lower than that of traditional mills, and the vertical roller mill uses a fully closed system environment to work, which can ensure that the material processing is free of dust and the site environment is cleaner.
There may be some problems in the process of vertical roller mill processing materials, such as liner wear is one of them, so what impact will the wear of vertical roller mill on the equipment affect?
It may cause a large amount of material on the grinding disc to be concentrated in the epitaxial area, which directly causes the wear of the vertical grinding roller and the grinding disc during the operation of the equipment to be greater than the inner side. This kind of unbalanced abrasion occurs, which may cause a large impact on the inside of the roller liner and the inside of the roller disc to cause vibration.
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