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PE500x750/pe150x250/pe250x1000 iron ore gold primary wheel jaw crusher

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Jaw Crusher is one of the most popular stone-crushing equipments in the world,which is widely used in mining, metallurgy, construction, highway, railroad, and chemistry industries and etc. The highest anti-pressure strength of crushed material is 350MPa. In the ore dressing process, jaw crusher is the key role in the beginning of ore crushing stages, it is the key equipment of coarse crushing and find crushing before ore grinding.Many models are available according to your different fineness requirements.
The main components of jaw crusher include moving jaw plate, static jaw plate, side guard plate, thrust plate, eccentric shaft, belt pulley, adjusting block and motor, etc. All parts are advanced in material selection, which provides strong guarantee for high-yield operation of jaw crusher.
Working principle
The crushing chamber of the jaw crusher presents a "V" shape. The stone enters from the upper part of the "V" and continuously rushes to the lower part of the "V" under the action of gravity and moving jaw plate downward. The stone in the lower part is crushed into smaller particles by continuous extrusion, shearing and splitting. When the movable jaw plate is far away from the static jaw plate, it is at the bottom, and the stone material that has been broken into a qualified particle size is discharged from the discharge port.When the moving jaw plate is close to the static jaw plate, the volume of the material will be reduced, and the materials will be close to each other and squeezed tightly. When the pressure rises to the strength that the material can bear, the stone will be broken, and the large-scale processing needs will be completed after the cycle processing.
1. Reasonable price
The difference between the equipment price of Shuguang Machinery manufacturers and other manufacturers is that they adopt the marketing strategy of thin profit and high sales. The price of equipment is lower than that of other brands, so the price is reasonable and transparent.
2. High production efficiency
The Shuguang jaw crusher has beautiful appearance and high temperament. We know that people's temperament often comes from the internal quality, plus external makeup. Shuguang jaw crusher has the characteristics of guaranteed equipment quality, high technology and high production efficiency.
3. Good environmental protection effect
Shuguang machinery after reasonable design, the dust removal system assembly, the equipment environmental protection effect is good, can meet the national environmental protection requirements and standards.
4. Strong operability
After the jaw crusher is put into PCL intelligent control system, the operation is very convenient, and users can adjust the size of crushing cavity according to their needs.

Technical data
Model Specification(mm) Max Feed Size
Capacity(t/h) Speed(r/min) Motor Power(kw) Weight(kg)
PE-150 150x250 125 15-45 1.7-5.6 285 5.5 1000
PE-200 200x300 180 20-50 3.5-13.5 285 11 1500
PE-250 250x400 210 20-60 5-22 300 15 2800
PE-400 400x600 340 40-80 18-60 275 30 7000
PE-500 500x750 425 50-100 43-102 275 55 13500
PE-600 600x900 500 65-180 51-145 250 75 19200
PE-750 750x1060 630 80-180 122-223 250 110 29000
PE-900 900x1200 780 95-180 285-430 200 132 45000
PE-1000 1000x1200 850 195-280 320-470 200 132 51000
PE-1200 1200x1500 1020 150-300 425-765 180 160 100900
PEX-150 150x750 150 18-48 8.5-28 330 15 3500
PEX-250 250x1000 250 25-60 22-60 330 22 5500
PEX-250 250x1200 250 25-60 25-65 330 30 7000
PEX-250 250x1300 250 25-60 30-78 330 37 8200
PEX-300 300x1300 300 20-90 45-110 300 75 12000
PEX-300 300x1500 300 25-120 55-120 300 90 16500
PEX-500 500x1500 500 35-130 65-130 280 110 18200

Why choose us
As a professional manufacturer,Shuguang Machinery attaches great importance to the innovation and

improvement of jaw crusher, and is getting more and more recognition and favor from customers with excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service. In the days to come, the Shuguang Machinery will keep improving to meet the needs of mining, metallurgy, building materials and other industries with more high-quality and low-cost jaw crushers.

Order:PE500x750/pe150x250/pe250x1000 iron ore gold primary wheel jaw crusher


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